At Planet Service we take care of all types of company events and conventions and we may also be involved in the technical installation for ceremonies and special events – openings, awards, spectacular performances – so we can design and implement the entire installation (service for events) or just one or more specific areas (video, lighting, audio and scenic designs). 

The locations chosen on these occasions can be unusual and often require complex technical intervention in both the design and the actual implementation. One example was the ENI Light Show, a totally unique show because it took place in the water off the Adriatic coast. In other cases, it can be more traditional events, such as ceremonies and awards, where we can also coordinate all the vendors involved, as well as taking care of the complete technical installation.

ENI Light Show

In 2017, the agency N.E.O. Project of Ravenna, with which we have been collaborating since 2015, asked us to create the lighting design for the ENI Light Show event during the Pink Night 2017.  It was a technically very complex event, because it involved illuminating the ENI Angela-Angelina and PCW-T oil platforms at sea, off the city of Ravenna (at 2.8 km and 6.5 km from the Adriatic coast). We placed our structures – over 100 moving heads – on 5 boats constantly moving because of the sea current, to light up the drilling towers pink, and make them visible from the coast throughout the night, with light effects and gobos projected on the surfaces of the towers, in harmony with the music. A unique spectacle for those who were watching the show in live streaming, at the time. 

Opening Ceremony XVIII Games of the Small States of Europe

In 2017 we were entrusted with the executive design and complete technical preparation of the opening ceremony of the XVIII Games of the Small States of Europe, organized by the National Olympic Committee of San Marino (CONS). The Games of the Small States of Europe are held every two years, and involve European countries with a population of less than one million inhabitants (San Marino, Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco and Montenegro). Starting from the concept and the storyboard of the director Vittorio Picconi, we designed and realized structures, scenic designs, audio, video and lighting installations, and coordinated all the other suppliers involved in the project. 

Nest Award

In 2018, in collaboration with the agency N.E.O. Project of Ravenna, and based on a project by the Architect Mario Tombaccini of Studio Archdesign, we took care of the complete technical installation – audio, lighting, video, scenic designs – of the award ceremony of the Nest Award. The event, dedicated to the Interior Design industry in China, and promoted by the joint venture between Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola and its Chinese partner, was held within the State University of Milan.  


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