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We can coordinate other companies that offer a complementary service to ours: video recording, installation of structures, supply of generators, simultaneous interpreting, special effects, etc.

Those who wants to do great things, must think deeply about details.

Paul Valèry,  writer

Planet Service is specialized in the setup of events – conventions, meetings, fairs, congresses, theatre shows, concerts, fashion shows – you can entrust us with the complete event service or just some areas: audio, lighting, video and scenic designs. It doesn’t matter how many people there are – only 50, or 3,000, or more than 20,000 – we will be at your side from the beginning to the end of the show, and we will help you make everything perfect in every detail. That’s why, in addition to the actual installation, you can rely on us for all the complementary, but essential, activities to reach the result you want.

When planning an event, nothing can be left to chance. There are many technical decisions to make, but agencies and brands do not always have the internal skills to converse on equal terms with those who provide these services. They often rely on us to coordinate other companies and choose the most suitable materials and technologies.

Services to complete your event

We have been working in the event installation business for more than 30 years, and over time, we have established relationships with specialized companies in the area, which offer a complementary service to ours, and which we have selected for their competence, experience and reliability.

Thanks to this collaboration, we can complete our offer with:

  1. Video Shooting
  2. Installation of structures (stages, scaffolding, stage covers)
  3. Supply of power generators
  4. Simultaneous interpreting
  5. Special effects, increasingly in demand even in corporate events, and that include:
    • flames for indoor or outdoor locations (multicoloured flames, fire walls, artificial flames)
    • laser show and cryogenic effects (geysers, low smoke, waterfalls of smoke)
    • confetti and streamers
    • pyrotechnics
    • atmospheric effects (rain, snow, wind, fog) 

Rely on us for all your technical choices. We will evaluate each time how to integrate these services in the planning of your event, and you will have a single interlocutor with whom to communicate: the Planet Service Account Manager that will be your contact person in every phase of the show, from concept to implementation.


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