During a brand’s annual convention, there may be a moment dedicated to the presentation of a new product, or the entire event may be dedicated to the launch. In these cases, starting from the concept of the agency that organizes the events and that relies on us as technical partner, we take care of the complete installation or just some areas: audio, lighting, video, scenic designs.

For years now, we have been working with A.O. Entertainment the agency in Milan for Ferrari events and with Giancarlo Sforza’s Utopia agency in Rome for Technogym events, including the launch of the Ferrari 488 GT and the revolutionary Skillmill Technogym machine.

Presentation of the Technogym Skillmill Machine

In 2016, starting from the concept created by Giancarlo Sforza’s Utopia agency, we designed and built structures, audio, video, lighting and scenic designs (complete service) for the launch of the Technogym’s Skillmill machine.

Presentation of the Ferrari 488 GT

In 2015, on the basis of the project by A.O. Entertainment and Light Designer Andrea Mantovani, commissioned by Ferrari, we took care of the complete installation for the launch of the Ferrari 488 GT, inside the “8-cylinder” facility in Maranello. A very particular and complex location, which required the meticulous design and positioning of all the structures, the 970 lighting fixtures, the audio and video in a fully automated plant, with robots and machines in motion.


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