We study the position and the most suitable lighting elements to create the atmosphere you are looking for, evaluating distances, angles of inclination, temperature and color balance.

Light can be delicate, dangerous, dreamlike, naked, alive, dead, foggy, light, warm, dark, purple, spring, falling, straight, sensual, limited, poisonous, calm and soft.

Sven Nykvist, Director of Photography

Planet Service is a company specialized in the planning and realization of events. You can rely on us for the entire installation or commission to us only a part of the project: video, audio, scenic designs or lighting (the term commonly used to indicate the installation of lights for an event). Our head office is in San Marino, but we work in Italy and Europe, thanks to the solid relationships we have built over the years with companies and agencies around the world.

Whether your event is a corporate event, a gala dinner or a theatre show, the lighting is the element that most of all creates the ambiance, and in many years of daily practice, we have learned to master it to best express the show concept of the great brands that have relied on us.

Our lighting area

Light can sculpt, fade, colour, hide and enhance. You need to know it to master it, and integrate it in harmony with the stage space, sounds and videos that will animate your event. There is no improvisation, but a meticulous study of distances, angles of inclination, temperature and color balance. Planet Service Technical Staff evaluate all these elements to ensure the best possible result, choosing the most suitable technologies and control systems, to obtain the results you want.

Rely on us if:

  • You want a highly emotional event in which the lighting must amaze, involve, motivate, amuse or move your guests.  In these contexts, the harmonious integration between lighting design and scenic space design, will best express the concept of your event.
  • You are organizing a corporate event with essential design, presentations, roundtables and speeches. We enhance the environment with shades of color and precision lighting to achieve a minimal, but effective setting, studied not distract the attention from the message you want to communicate.

The work phases

Our lighting team will assist you in choosing the most suitable lighting elements and the most suitable position to reach the result you are looking for. If you have involved a light designer, they will create the lighting design that you have agreed upon, to achieve the atmosphere you want. Are you looking for a partner to whom you can also entrust video, audio and scenic designs? You can rely on us for the complete installation of your event.

1. Briefing and collection of information about the event

Tell us your idea. Is it a gala dinner with a few dozen guests, a motivational convention with thousands of people? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create: suggestive, festive or formal? In the design, we will take this into account, so that the lighting integrates perfectly with audio, video and scenic designs. 

2. On-site visit and assessment of the location

The location is fundamental for the study of the lighting. Therefore, the briefing is followed by an on-site visit, and then a virtual simulation: we create an accurate plan with CAD drawings, to identify obstacles, define spaces and heights. Thanks to the rendering, you have a pre-visualization of the whole scene, and a more precise idea of the final result.

At this stage it is possible to integrate the lighting with audio and video technologies, to complete the realization of the event with the addition of scenic elements and technical/logistic coordination.

3. Quotation

We draft a detailed quote tailored to your needs and the type of event you are organizing.

4. Planning and realization of the event

We’re ready to plan the lighting installation. From start to finish, an Account Manager will be at your side as a contact person at every stage of the project, whether it requires just a few days of work or several months.

Do you want to know the details of the events we have run?
In our portfolio, you will find some of the most important.

Our technologies

At Planet Service we have a wide range of motorized or conventional headlights, discharge or led, effects and control consoles (mixer), network devices, followspot and accessories, to design the lighting of your event.


List of the most important clients:

  • Herbalife Italia S.p.A. Rome – italian conventions
  • AO Entertainment Group Srl
  • DèLonghi Appliances Srl
  • See Italia & Contact Srl Rome
  • La Rinascente Spa
  • Neo Project Ravenna


We’ve installed events here:

  • Lanxess Arena Colonia
  • Palasport O2 Arena Prague
  • Stabilimento Ferrari Spa
  • The Colosseum
  • Head office Technogym Spa
  • Alcatraz Milan
  • Auditorium Parco della Musica Rome
  • Palazzo del Cinema Venice
  • Palavela Turin
  • Arcimboldi Theatre Milan


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