We communicate your values and your style with high-definition images, virtual scenic design and video environments of great visual and emotional impact, videomapping and ledwall.

If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.

Stanley Kubrick, director

Planet Service is a company specialized in installing event technology and services: video, audio, lighting and scenic designs. From large corporate conventions and exhibitions for thousands of people, to small events for a few dozen participants, we work with passion, to stage the event you want. Our head office is in San Marino, but we work in Italy and Europe, thanks to the solid relationships we have built over the years with companies and agencies around the world.

You can entrust us with the complete installation of the event or just the video installation that celebrates the success of your company – we will help you communicate your values and your style with images of the highest quality – or you can also commission to us the virtual scenic design and visual backgrounds of great visual and emotional impact, so that your event remains imprinted in the memory of those who will be part of it.

Our video installation

How important is it to capture the attention and convey your message, your values, the identity of your brand? Scenic design and visual environments, videomapping with projections on buildings and objects of any shape, with a high visual and emotional impact, are essential.  We work so that your event will last  in the memory of those who will be part of it. Rely on us if:

  • You want your event to be engaging, exciting, and long lasting in the memory of the participants. According to your requests, we can set up very high definition ledwalls, videomapping, spatial augmented reality and video environments of great visual impact. We can project images on buildings and objects of any shape and volume.
  • Your brand’s values and style must be clearly visible at all times during the event. From start to finish, your flag colours, content, images and message will be projected on screens or reproduced on small, large or extra large LED walls, according to your needs.

The work phases

Our video team has the experience and training to advise you and set up your event with the most suitable equipment for any project. Are you looking for a partner to whom you can also commission lighting, audio and scenic designs? You can entrust us with the whole installation of your event.

1. Briefing and collection of information about the event

We collect all the information about the event: which location was chosen and how many people are expected? What type of event are you organizing? – i.e. conventions, workshops, gala dinner, summit, awards, inauguration etc.  What kind of content will you share? – movies, high resolution photographs, presentations, graphic designs – Is there an artistic / scenic setting with video mapping? (i.e. uneven surfaces, facades, buildings, etc.)

2. On-site visit and assessment of the location

After the on-site visit, we create a video setup diagram. If the event is complex we create a CAD drawing to virtually recreate the location and carefully evaluate the available space or obstacles in the way.
At this stage, it is possible to integrate audio and lighting technologies to the video setup, and also complete the event with the addition of scenic elements and technical/logistic coordination.

3. Quotation

We draft a detailed quote tailored to your needs and the type of event you are organizing.

4. Production

We adapt the visual contents made by your staff to get the best possible performance. If you don’t have a videomaker we can offer to you the competence of our trusted video making service that collaborates with us.

5. Planning and realization of the event

We are ready to plan the video installation of your event. From start to finish, an Account Manager will be at your side as a contact person at every stage of the project, whether it requires just a few days of work or several months.

Do you want to know the details of the events we have run?
In our portfolio, you will find some of the most important.

Our technologies

We use only the best technologies, so that the images and visual contents are clear and visible down to the smallest details.

We have selected cutting-edge video technologies: DLP projectors, 2.8 ultra-high definition Ledwall screens and Pandoras’ Box multimedia mediaservers that make it possible, not only to project, but also to manipulate content in real time up to 4K.

Do you want to know more about the technologies we use to make your event engaging and memorable? In our glossary, you will find more information on: video projection, mapping and ledwall


List of the most important clients:

  • Herbalife Europe Limited Middlesex GB / Herbalife International Communications, Inc. Los Angeles Usa – european conventions
  • C.O.N.S. San Marino XVII Games of the Small States of Europe
  • Technogym Spa Cesena
  • Utopia Srl agency Rome
  • Promopharma Spa
  • La Rinascente Spa
  • GLS Advice Turin evento Wellness Rimini – Reebok-Freddy-Matrix Skechers


We’ve installed events here:

  • Theatre du Leman Ginevra
  • Kralovka Arena Prague
  • Barcelona Fair
  • Circo Massimo Rome
  • Palazzo dei congressi EUR Rome
  • PalaOlimpico Turin
  • Hotel Cavalieri Hilton Rome
  • Hangar Bicocca Milan
  • Palazzo dei 500 Florence


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