We use the most innovative audio technologies and products to ensure that the acoustics of your event are always perfect, both outdoors and indoors, with minimal visual impact.

It never ends. There are always new sounds to be imagined, new feelings to be experienced.

John Coltrane, musician

Planet Service is a company specialized in the installations for corporate conferences, large conventions, theater shows, concerts, fashion shows, trade shows and more. We can take care of the whole event, or of only a part of it, such as the audio service, which is the term commonly used to indicate the design and implementation of audio systems for events. Our head office is in San Marino, but we work in Italy and Europe, thanks to the solid relationships we have built over the years with companies and agencies around the world.

To the customers who rely on us we guarantee the ideal sound for the location. From the workshop to the big convention, indoors or outdoors, we meticulously design every event and we use the latest generation of sound systems to create a clean but powerful acoustic performance.

Our Sound

A sound system must faithfully reproduce speech and music, a result that depends not only on microphones, mixers and speakers, but also on the acoustic conditions of the location, reverberation times, and other factors that must be taken into account right from the design.  Without expert technicians and specific technologies, it is not possible to achieve the desired results. Planet Service employs Technicians, Engineers and Project Managers who use the latest audio products and technologies to support any production or event. Rely on us if:

  • You want the audio installation to be high-performance and perfectly intelligible. Your guests and participants will feel fully involved in the speech, music, scenery and videos, without even noticing the technical equipment. We use newly developed audio technologies so to guarantee a minimal visual impact but great acoustic power.
  • You are looking for an installation that perfectly responds to your requests, carefully tailored to the smallest detail, to obtain a perfect understanding of speech and enhance every moment of the event.  We choose the most suitable technologies keeping in mind the characteristics of the rooms, and the number of people to reach. Everything is managed by experienced technical staff, who are able to deal with any situation to ensure a sound of the highest possible quality.
  • You want to engage your audience, outdoors or indoors, with the confidence that the sound diffusion is always homogeneous, regardless of the location or the number of participants. We have designed and followed the installation of hundreds of corporate events, in theaters, halls, palaces in Italy and abroad: conventions for over ten thousand people, as well as workshops and small events of a few dozen guests.

Audio Service: the work phases

You can rely on us for the complete installation of your event (audio, video, lighting and scenic designs) or entrust us only with the sound design, which involves our staff of technicians, machinery, audio systems, transport and logistics.

Briefing and collection of information about the event

We collect all the information and ideas about the event you want to run: the location chosen – building, theater, auditorium … – if it takes place indoors or outdoors, the expected number of participants, what kind of event it is: convention, workshop, gala dinner, summit, award ceremony, inauguration etc. and if it features, for example, anartistic show, a concert or maybe both.

On-site visit and acoustic sizing

After the on-site visit, we translate your requirements into a detailed and realistic project, creating a CAD drawing with 3D modelling software to create an electro-acoustic simulation of the audio system in a given environment/space, after which we can correctly size the system and then quantify powers, predict frequency responses, dispersion angle, sound pressure, and all the basic parameters to obtain a perfect result. 

In this phase, it is possible to integrate sound with video and lighting technologies, to complete the event with the addition of scenic elements and technical/logistic coordination.


We draft a detailed quote tailored to your needs and the type of event you have in mind.

Technical data sheet, planning and realization of the event

An Account Manager will be at your side as your point person in every phase, up to the installation and final realization of the event, whether the preparation requires a few days of work or several months.

Do you want to know the details of the events we have run?
In our portfolio, you will find a selection of the most important ones. 

Our audio technologies

We choose to work with the most up to date sound technologies: vertical arrays with digital steering, speakers particularly suitable for corporate and musical events, with  minimum visual impact, but high sound pressure, great intelligibility and extreme precision of the listening area. They guarantee excellent sound and speech quality.

Experience and cutting-edge technology are essential for sound quality in any context, even in small events.  We use systems that do not obstruct sight. We use very versatile speakers, so small in size that we can place them inside the scenery with extreme ease. This gives us a clean and elegant installation.

Do you want to know more about the technologies we use?
In our glossary, you will find the characteristics and performance of our systems.


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