Conventions are one of the events that we organize most often. Some customers rely on us to design and build the complete technical installation (service for events) – which includes audio, video, lighting and scenic design – while, in other cases, we only deal with specific areas.

Normally, we set up events in buildings, theatres and company spaces with a number of participants that can vary from a few dozen people to several thousand. These events can include moments dedicated to the presentation of a product, ceremonies and the design and implementation of custom scenic designs.

For several years we have been running the Ferrari conventions on behalf of the AO Entertainment of Milan, the events of the Herbalife Group, the Software House Passepartout and recently also medical conventions organized by the agency Articolture of Bologna.

Ferrari and AO Entertainment

We have been running Ferrari conventions since 2007, thanks to the collaboration with AO Entertainment of Ambra Orfei and Gabriele Piemonti – one of the most important agencies in Italy specialized in the conception and realization of events – which deals with the concept and the scenic design, entrusting us with the technical preparation of sounds, lighting and visuals.  

We therefore follow the technical implementation of “Natale Ferrari”, an event dedicated to the families of the car manufacturer employees’ and the annual convention for employees and management of the company. In addition to these main events, AO Entertainment has turned to us for other events for many years such as product presentations and gala dinners.

Herbalife Group

Since 1999, we have been following the technical implementation of the conventions of Herbalife Italia and Herbalife USA, world leader in nutrition.

For Herbalife Italia, we take care of the complete installation – technical design of audio, video, lighting and scenic designs – of the annual convention and the smaller events that the company organizes during the year.

For Herbalife USA, we take care of the scenic installation, the lighting and the structures, while audio and video are contracted out to another partner of the multinational company, the British branch of Creative Technology, with which we have been working for many years. 


The software house Passepartout, specialized in management for companies and accountants, relies on us for its annual convention since 2010, so we take care of the complete installation in collaboration with the client, from the idea to the realization. 

Medical conventions

Thanks to the collaboration with the agency Articolture of Bologna, since 2017 we provide our complete service for important medical conventions on the national territory.


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