Scenic design

Starting from your idea, we develop and create dedicated designs and creations for your show, integrated with lighting effects, audio and video technologies to create an engaging environment.

The stage is not only a world apart, it is a myriad of worlds, and in those worlds, a man can have anything he fancies, if only he believes in what he sees.

Kathe Koj, writer

Planet Service is a company specialized in technological solutions for event productions. You can rely on us for the entire installation or commission to us only a part of the project: installations and scenic designs, video, audio and lighting. Our head office is in San Marino, but we work in Italy and Europe, thanks to the solid relationships we have built with brands and agencies around the world since the foundation of our company, in 1983.

The scenic design applied to the event is the combination of visual elements that create the setting. Starting from your idea, we design and create a complete scenic installation, integrated with lighting effects, in order to bring to life the concept of your convention or show: a minimal scenario, the meticulous reconstruction of an environment with realistic effects or the creation of dreamy and suggestive worlds.

Our scenic installations

At Planet Service we have a scrupulous and careful method of design, to create themed scenic designs that take into account both the structural characteristics of the location and the show concept for the event. We carefully select the materials, integrating audio, video and lighting technologies to create engaging settings.

Rely on us if:

  • You want the scenic design of your event to be evocative, to amaze your guests and to be a whole with lighting, sound and visual effects. We design and realize every detail to get the atmosphere you want: fantastic, realistic, anti-naturalistic… Let yourself be surprised by the colors, the music, the beauty: we will exceed all your expectations!
  • You desire a corporate event with a minimalist style, but you want a careful setting that highlights some moments on schedule or well-defined areas of the location. We will be at your side to design a simple but memorable visual scenic design, which communicates the values and positioning of your brand.

Installation and scenic design: the work phases

You can entrust us with the complete installation of your event or just the scenic design. Starting from your idea or from a project already outlined in CAD, our creatives and craftsmen at Planet Service will realize the entire scenic installation, in harmony with lighting, audio and video.

1. Briefing and collection of information about the event

Tell us about your event’s show concept. Which message do you want to communicate and which emotions do you want your guests to feel? Amazement, sense of belonging, happiness… That’s where we’ll start to study the most suitable scenic installation.

2. On-site visit and assessment of the location

We assess what are the structural characteristics of the location, so we can perfectly combine creativity and technical feasibility. The result is a CAD project that visually illustrates the idea, within the scenic space in which it will come to life.

At this stage, it is possible to integrate the scenic design with audio, video and lighting technologies to complete the realization of the event, also taking into account the technical/logistic coordination.

3. Quotation

We draft a detailed quote tailored to your needs and the type of event you are organizing.

4. Planning and realization of the event

Our creatives, technicians and craftsmen at Planet Service select the materials, work on them, and prepare the final installation. Starting from the briefing, to the last moments of your event, an Account Manager will be at your side as a contact person at every stage of the project, whether it requires just a few days of work or several months.

Do you want to know the details of the events we have run?
In our portfolio, you will find some of the most important.


List of the most important clients:  

  • Passepartout S.p.A
  • C.O.N.S. San Marino XVII Games of the Small States of Europe
  • Coop. Ceramiche, Imola
  • Articolture Srl  
  • C.N.D.C.E.C., Rome (Chartered Accountants Association)
  • Technogym Spa, Cesena


We’ve installed events here:

  • Globe Arena, Stockholm
  • CCD, Dublin
  • Circo Massimo, Rome
  • UnipolArena, Bologna
  • Fiera Duesseldorf
  • BHR, Treviso
  • Hotel Cipriani, Venice
  • Cinecittà Studio 10, Rome
  • Hotel Marriott, Rome
  • Areapergolesi, Milan


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